Vermont State Craft Centers value diversity and inclusiveness. The network of Vermont State Craft Centers should have an array of uniquely individual craft products and represent the breadth of Vermont’s crafts community. Requirements are intended to be flexible, motivating, and responsive to the interests and resources of each Center. The State of Vermont recognizes and celebrates the broad array of talent, expertise and creativity that exists in the crafts community.

Vermont State Craft Centers are encouraged to work together as partners to serve as:

  • Resource centers for the crafts community;
  • Facilitators in an exchange of ideas and best practices;
  • Collaborators on education offerings;
  • Information sources to the community and public officials about the wealth of talent and resources in the crafts community; and
  • Focal points for regular meetings with peers to problem solve, pool knowledge, and discuss common issues faced in business operations, organizational dynamics, marketing and outreach, etc.