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Application and Designation Process

Successful applicants will be awarded designation as either a Vermont State Craft Center Gallery or a Vermont State Craft Education Center for an initial term of 2 years. Each subsequent renewal term will be for 3 years.

Please note that the entire application review, jury and designation process may take six to nine months.

Application Review and Jury

When an application is received, the Standards Group will convene an application review meeting and appoint a jury to perform the evaluation. A jury consists of 3-5 jurors and will be facilitated by two non-voting members of the Standards Group. A voting member of the Standards Group is allowed to be one of the members of a jury. Every effort will be made to ensure that appropriate areas of expertise are represented, and prospective jurors will be evaluated to ensure they are free of affiliation with the applicant. If you are interested in becoming part of the jury pool, the Jury Pool Questionnaire is available under Application Forms.

The jury will review the application documents, conduct a site visit, and complete an evaluation using a point scale on a detailed grid that references each element of the standards. Jurors are allowed to adjust their scores following the group discussion. The Standards Group facilitator will record comments during the jury discussion and will compile them, along with the written comments, to be given to the applicant organization without revealing the jurors’ identities.

Jury Results

The jury results will be reviewed by the full Standards Group. If the applicant is not accepted, their application facilitator will contact them to discuss weaknesses in the application and suggested improvements if the applicant wishes to reapply. If the applicant is accepted, the Standards Group will vote on its recommendation for designation to the Vermont State Craft Center Overview Commission (VSCCOC). Once the Overview Commission has met and voted, the applicant will be notified within 30 days with a memorandum of understanding from the Chief Marketing Officer of the State of Vermont with details of the designation.

Jury Appeals

Applicants may appeal the jury decision concerning an application.

Grounds for appeal include:

  • The application was reviewed on the basis of criteria other than those appearing in the relevant standards guidelines.
  • Jurors were influenced by members who failed to disclose conflicts of interest.

If the applicant wishes to pursue an appeal, a request must be sent to the Chair of the Standards Group in writing, within 30 days of the date of notification of the rejection. The letter should contain evidence to support one or more of the grounds for appeal. The appeal will be determined at the discretion of the Standards Group and the Overview Commission.