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Renewal Process

When an organization first receives approval as a Vermont State Craft Center Gallery or Education Center, they retain that designation for an initial term of 2 years. Once that period has expired, the Center must submit a renewal application in order to keep its designation for another 3-year period. The renewal application materials are the same as they are for initial approval, and the renewal approval process also includes a site visit.

An informal review consisting of a short questionnaire will be conducted annually or on an as-needed basis. Annual questionnaires will be distributed by the Standards Group following 11 months of operation as a designated VSCC and should be completed and returned within 30 days.

Craft Centers that significantly change an aspect of their operations should contact the Standards Group immediately. The Standards Group may request a meeting in order to discuss changes to the applicants programs and policies, to determine if the VSCC criteria is still being met.

A State Craft Center that no longer meets the criteria for designation my have its designation terminated. A period of up to 1 year may be granted in order to give the State Craft Center time to work with the Standards Group to resolve any non-compliance issues.