Featured Artist: Leslie Koehler


Marchfield, VT

Leslie Koehler has been a professional potter for twenty years. She received a degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, focusing her studies on Japanese Ceramics. Her studio is located in Marshfield, Vermont, on a beautiful country road and nestled deep in the hills of the Green Mountains.  Each piece of her Majolica-style pottery is unique, hand-thrown and hand-painted.

“My pottery is designed with decorative elements that will fit into any environment. The richness and functionality of Terra Cotta clay has been used for centuries with decorative and utilitarian purposes to adorn the corridors and tables of everyday life.”

Majolica glaze is applied to the interior of the bowls, then decorations and patterns are hand-painted on the Majolica surface. The whiteness of the glaze is an invitation for color and pattern. Patterns are carefully carved out of the stained glaze surface before firing. Each piece is hand-thrown and one of a kind. Each piece of the pottery is signed or stamped with artist mark and Made in Vermont logo.

Leslie recently returned from a year in Tanzania working to develop ceramic water filter technology. Tanzania is a developing country and the need for safe water is crucial to the people who live there. The ceramic filter is one option for household users to be directly in control of their families' safe drinking water supply. “It was rewarding to work on a meaningful development project with a ceramics focus.”

The project is ongoing and Leslie is still involved, working as a ceramics consultant for Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa and Safe Water Now.

Leslie's work can be seen at Gallery at the Vault.

Leslie Koehler pottery   Leslie Koehler pottery   Leslie Koehler potteryLeslie Koehler pottery   Leslie Koehler pottery   Leslie Koehler pottery