Featured Artist: Lochlin Smith


Metal Jewelry
Montpelier, VT

Lochlin Smith is an accomplished artist who has been designing distinctive and timeless bronze and silver wearable art jewelry for over 35 years.

Lochlin was born in 1947 and grew up in northern Westchester County, New York.  After high school, Lochlin attended classes at the School of Visual Arts to study abstract painting. In 1972 he moved to Vermont and set up a studio space in an old barn and began painting and sculpting and designing art jewelry. He now lives in Montpelier with his wife and has children that live all over the United States.  He presently works in his shop in his home and makes bronze jewelry as well as larger pieces such as clocks, mobiles and garden sculpture.

Each piece of Lochlin’s sculptural jewelry is created in bronze, which is hand worked employing a variety of techniques. Lochlin then uses a palette of rich surface finishes, including natural bronze, antique silver, verdigris, ocean blue and dark copper. Semiprecious stones also show up on some pieces.

Lochlin's work can be seen at Artisans Hand Craft Gallery.

Lochlin Smith artwork       Lochlin Smith artwork

Lochlin Smith artwork  Lochlin Smith artwork  Lochlin Smith artwork