Featured Artist: Mary Azarian


Handmade Block Prints
Plainfield, VT

Mary grew up on her grandfather’s small farm just outside Washington, DC. She began drawing and painting at an early age and fell in love with woodcuts when she did her first relief print in the fourth grade. She continued to do linoleum cuts until she got to Smith College where she studied printmaking. She began to work on wood and has never lost her enthusiasm for the medium.

After graduating from college, Mary moved to a small hill farm in northern Vermont. After three years of teaching in one of the last one-room schools in Vermont, she decided to see if it would be possible to earn a living selling woodcut prints. She began producing prints in black and white, printing each block by hand. Eventually she began adding color by hand-painting each black and white print. Finally, she found an old Vandercook proof press and began using it to produce the prints.

Mary's work can be seen at Artisans Hand Craft Gallery.

Mary Azarian artwork    Mary Azarian artwork

   Mary Azarian artwork   Mary Azarian artwork