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Artist workstation with paint swatches and rollers.

Vermont State Craft Centers represent the best of craft in Vermont. Each State Craft Center has its own unique character, so no two Centers are exactly alike.

The State of Vermont recognizes and supports the contributions of the Vermont crafts community to the economy, quality of life and culture of our state. Vermont State Craft Center Galleries and Vermont State Craft Education Centers demonstrate a high standard for quality of craft and craft education, representing the best of craft in Vermont.

At the same time, each Center is a unique representation of the creative community in its region at that particular moment. No two experiences of Vermont State Craft Centers are exactly the same – much like a handcrafted piece of art.

Whether gallery or school, each Vermont State Craft Center deepens the public’s appreciation of the connection between the process of making something by hand and the beauty of the finished product.

For information on the history of craft in Vermont, visit the State of Craft website, curated by the Vermont Crafts Council.

During the pandemic, the Standards Group became inactive and has not yet been reactivated to review applications due to lack of capacity and membership. We are in the process of evaluating how best to move forward due to multiple vacancies on that team.

Applications to become a designated Gallery or Education Center are not being accepted at this time.